13 February 2013

Check out the Tabs

Across the top of the blog, under the banner is a selection of tabs that take you to pages of information that are not on the regular blog. I have done this so that I could have ongoing conversations an particular subjects. There is much information in these tabs that never appears on the regular blog page, so be sure to check them out as well!
                                                 Keep It Simple

This is where I share my thoughts on home schooling, homesteading, my personal philosophy and what we do to try to live a simple life.

                                         The Fruit of the Matter 

Is a collection of tutorials on preparing fruit, with recipes and tips for handling fruit.

                                       Our Costa Rican Adventure

Is a collection of stories of our days spent on a mountain farm in Costa Rica. There is also a link to my husband's Costa Rican travel blog, where he talk about our experiences in traveling around Costa Rica.

                              My Other Blog: Art of a Letter

Art of a Letter
This is a short explanation and a link to my mail art and letter writing blog. Come for a visit!

I will be adding more pages in the near future: a tab for recipes, where I will share my family's favorite recipes, as well as an index of the recipes that I have in blog posts. I will be creating a tab for information on herbs and herbal remedies, and one that holds a list of my favorite books, my reviews on books I have in my library and links to information on homesteading, gardening, homeschooling, herbal medicine and more. I will post an announcement as I get these tabs up on the blog so you won't miss any of the fun!
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