20 January 2011

Getting Started

 There is so much to tell about our life on this little homestead, to get us to where we are today. I have struggled with how to go about doing that. We have homesteaded here for more than twenty years, much has gone into the developement of this place and much has happened to change the dynamics of what we are doing now.
  It is my desire to tell our story for several reasons, the one being that we carved out a functional homestead on an one acre of unyielding clay, how we did it might help someone else who dreams of  a homestead. We have produced much of our food, kept livestock, homeschooled children, and developed an asthetically pleasing, healthy environment for our family and other living creatures to enjoy. Many of the stories I want to tell you are in the past. When we were developing our place, growing food and raising kids, there wasn't much time for writing. I was lucky to keep a garden journal...
  Now things have become established, and the kids have grown up. We still garden and put up our food, I am diligent to keep our pantry stocked with goodness, so that whatever life throws at us, there will be something for us to eat. We still have one son living at home, and he works with us to keep things going, but the days of biology being conducted in the garden and projects with his education in mind are in the past. Now he is spending his daylight hours in an apprenticeship, learning a trade and preparing for his future. But what we did here worked. I believe that sharing what we did to create our "homestead", could be of use to those who have dreamed of doing the same but felt like it couldn't be done with whatever resources they have. I believe we also can share what we've done with those who are in the process of establishing their own homestead or who  like us, have been doing this awhile. I would like to make some new friends among those intrepid souls that have shared the dream of sustainable living, in the hopes that I will continuing to grow, learn and experience. I want to talk about our homestead, past, present and future and I want to encourage and inspire others to try their hand at a "simpler" life.
  Please drop in and make yourself at home...I love company!
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