30 August 2013

What Happened to My Summer?

I looked up from "life happening" the other day and was shocked to realize that it is the end of August already. Where did my summer go?? Well, upon consideration I have decided that we never really had summer here. It was cool late into May which set the gardens back, and then it rained literally for the entire month of June, most of the month of July, and part of August. I think Washington State got less rain this year than we did!

The sun is shining now and it hasn't rained for a week so things in the garden are trying to make a come back. We enjoyed some zucchini before the vine borers finally took their toll, so I was happy for that! The okra has been going strong. The plants are about 7 feet tall... we almost need a ladder to pick them! I don't think anything will disturb the growth of Malabar Spinach, it is almost frightening how well that stuff grows. The flowers have been beautiful, so bouquets of paint box colored zinnias and sunflowers have brightened the gloom inside the house on rainy days. I am grateful for what we received from the garden, but hope that we have a better fall garden, since we lean very heavily on what we produce for our daily meals.

The rest of life has been a blur. My husband was very occupied with work and I have had more to do in his absence, so that accounts for some of the time that has disappeared, but really... I just don't know what happened to the time. I feel like I fell asleep in May and just woke to discover the whole summer has gone by. Did anyone else have a summer like that or is it just me?

I have lots of possible subjects milling around in my head for future blog posts, I am now trying to decide what I want to write about most. I have a raw food demonstration coming up in late September. I will be posting a step by step tutorial and the recipes for that demonstration on the blog, so that my blog followers can see the demonstration as well. But that is in late September... so I need to figure out what I want to talk about now. Maybe I'll talk about what we do to extend the production of our summer garden, or chat about
saving seed from this years garden to use next year. I could  do a tutorial on making stevia extract for use as a sweetener... or show you how to make raw/vegan sushi... hm.-m-m... I can't decide. Do you have any suggestions?  If something I mentioned interests you or you have a suggestion, I would love to hear from you! Why don't you leave me a comment let me know what you are interested in.

Well, I think I will go outside and take some time to enjoy the butterflies in the garden... 

                                        Take care and be well! Elle

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