11 February 2013

Herbal Salve

Fall is normally the time when I make my tinctures and salves for the year. This year things were very hectic during the fall due my husband's heavy work schedule, so I had more on my plate at home due to his absence. I was rejoicing about how well we had done to keep everything current and under control, when I started coming down sick in early December. It was then that I realized I hadn't gotten my tinctures or salves done... Sigh... So I had to try to fight off a respiratory infection without my front line herbal remedies. So after a month of being sick, I finally felt well enough to get started on what I neglected to get done in the fall. The tinctures are a week away from being ready to bottle and today I finally got around to finishing and potting up my healing salve. This salve is a life saver. I use it for everything, scrapes, rashes, cuts, stings, bites, bruises...it helps with them all! I make a years supply at one time and then don't think about it again until fall rolls around.

It sure feels good to see my stack of jars full of herbal goodness. It is similar to the feeling I get when I look in the pantry after the harvest canning spree, and see all those jars of food lined up on my shelves. It is a feeling of accomplishment, but also, I feel safer just knowing that I have done what I can to be ready to meet my family's needs.

 I have been chewing through the pile of tutorials I have had in the que for some time, once I have caught up with what I planned to post in 2012, I will do a tutorial on making salves. Salves are fun to make and are very helpful to have in your medicine cabinet and bug out bag. I will be looking forward to sharing that with you soon. I would love to hear what herbal remedies you depend on, so please feel free to leave a comment telling what you do to keep your family well!


  1. Tui wants 2 of your comfrey salve jars. Please!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Oh dear... I should have sent some down there with you, I still had one on the shelf. It will probably be awhile before we get back to Costa Rica... But sure, I'll earmark two for her! Anyone else? :)


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