30 April 2012

Everything is Coming Up Roses!

I opened the door to the back deck this morning and found that my rose arbor is in full bloom! It has been promising to burst forth for several days now, but the temperature has been cool so they stayed closed. Last night it was warm enough to sleep with the windows open so the roses finally bloomed.

This rose blooms for all it is worth in May, but that will be the last of the show until late summer when it will flush again. The second bloom isn't as much of a show, but it is really nice to see them again before the weather gets cold.I look forward to this show all year and it is really worth the wait!

 I especially love it when some of the petals fall and the walkway is strewn with them. It is lovely at night when the moon light strikes the blooms on the arbor and the petals on the ground. The whole scene takes on a dream-like luminescence. Maybe this year I will actually do what I always tell myself I will do, and take my camera and tripod out for some night time photos...

 Tagg likes to hang out on the deck in the evening. It is my favorite time of the day to be out there as well. The air is filled with the scents of rose and jasmine, there is a nice breeze that draws cool air from the woods, and the roses practically glow in the gloaming of the evening.  What a way to end the day! I hope this finds you all doing the things that bring you joy. Until next time, Shalom!
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