08 May 2012


Mary Poppins said, "Enough is as good as a feast", I tend to think Mary Poppins was a very wise woman...
Being content, and  able to recognize when you have enough, is key to living a simple life. The ability to identify between want and need is important too.
Another wise woman, my grandmother, had two favorite sayings: "Count your blessings" and "If wishes were horses then beggars would ride...". She would often use these sayings to encourage me to be grateful, or to admonish me that applying myself to a desired goal was far more effective than wishing that something could be. I have leaned on these truisms while raising my own kids, as well as a few others: "make no pie crust promises...easily made, easily broken", (adapted to my needs... from Mary Poppins...), and "Me thinks thou doth protest too much!", (misquoted from Hamlet's "Me thinks the lady doth protest to much").
Do you have any words of wisdom to add to the list? Any truisms that were part of your upbringing that you have passed on to your kids? I'd love to hear them!

Oh, I almost forgot there is a new post on the sidebar page "Keep it Simple".... I'd forget my head if it wasn't tied on...

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