19 March 2012

Computer Problems

  I have been very busy composing new blog entries and a few tutorials, but recently that all came to a halt when my computer died. Unfortunately, my oven stove also died, (a very expensive replacement...), and I have switched to my Coleman camping stove for stove top cooking and my toaster oven/cast iron dutch oven for baking. This is likely to go on for some time since I have not found a stove I like or can afford at the moment. But I must prioritize and put the funds towards a stove replacement first...
  I have been very excited about all the things I am preparing to post here and I will continue to compose my posts and tutorials on paper, waiting for the opportunity to get back on the internet. I make periodic forays into Charlotte and can possibly post from the library while there. I will at least post updates to keep you informed about life at Heart's Ease Cottage. I will be missing you and hope to be back posting from home very soon! Until next time, Shalom! Elle

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