15 May 2013


Hi! I have been outside working on garden projects from dawn till dusk for almost two weeks. The house is sadly neglected and will remain so until I can get caught up outside. I have not had time to blog, but I have been composing my next several blog entries in my head, so as soon as the late spring garden crush has passed, I will have plenty to write about!  Here is a photo of some of the foxgloves that I will be adding to the herb garden this year. I  just staged them with the bunny planter for the photo, but decided that they looked so good there that I will get some more to plant around the bunny!  What are you doing to stay busy this time of year? I will be back blogging as soon as I can get all my plants in the ground. I hope this finds you all well and enjoying the warmer weather!


  1. We have a very late spring this year, but we are now quickly catching up, I hope. Everything just starts to be green now.

    1. I hope that your weather will stay warm now and that things will be green and beautiful. You have such lovely gardens. I know that you want to be out in them! We have had very strange weather this year. Normally, it stay cold until February and then warms up quickly after that. So we have a very short spring and by May it is almost too warm. This year it has been very cold and wet all Spring and we are still having cold nights. I still have the goose down on the bed... usually by this time I would have all the windows open and a fan on! It will be interesting to see what the summer will be like.

  2. Summer is here already, after an amazing, real spring. We loved every minutes. Now the skies are polluted with the "controlled" burns in Mexico. We're dealing with sore throats, burning sinuses, coughs, red eyes . . . Your foxgloves is medicine for sore eyes. :) I've never managed to get seeds to grow, while yours look like they're on steroids! Beautiful. Our muscadines and sunflowers are growing like magic. The new grapes are trying. :) I am going to make fig preserves this year, if I can. I leave them to the birds every year, but my mom loves fig preserves. JC and his brother almost finished the last half pint of grape jelly this morning. Not much beats growing your own, does it? Thanks for the inspiration!

    This spring felt like the springs of childhood. I felt like an old lamb, wanting to gambol but couldn't. LOL!

  3. Fig preserves are yummy! One of my favorite recipes for figs is to split them in half, spoon a dollop of goat cheese in the center, brush with marmalade and sprinkle with chopped pecans and broil until pecans start to brown and the marmalade glaze caramelizes. Mm-m-m! My husband could eat a whole platter by himself! I have a terrible time getting grape jelly to set, what is your secret? When our blackberries come in I will make some blackberry jelly, it always reminds me of summers at my grandmother's house. Hopefully soon you will feel like gamboling again!


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